Our focus is on producing the most tender and flavorsome beef and lamb possible.  This is achieved by our adoption of low stress livestock handling techniques and appropriate breed selection.  In respect of our cattle our herd is based on angus genetics.  The angus breed is second to none in versatility and eating quality.  Here’s a summary of the attributes of Angus cattle and why they are our choice of breed:

  • Meat Quality
    Angus are known throughout the world for their ability to consistently produce the finest high quality beef. The superior meat quality of Angus cattle comes from their ability to lay down intra-muscular marbling (taste) fat during the finishing phase, together with excellent tenderness, texture, flavour , meat colour and fat colour.
  • Superior Fertility and Maternal Ability
    Angus females reach puberty early, go in calf quickly and continue to breed regularly to a late age. Angus have a reputation for maintaining high fertility even under difficult seasonal conditions. Angus cows are excellent mothers with good milking ability.
  • Market Demand
    Both domestic and export markets currently pay a premium for Angus cattle because of their growth and marbling ability.
  • Market Versatility
    Angus cattle have the ability to grow to heavy market weights quickly without becoming overfat. They also have the ability to finish at lighter weights if desired. Angus have excellent carcase quality, high muscling and moderate maturity patterns.

Animal Welfare

We rely on our livestock and our livestock rely on us, therefore we place a huge emphasis on animal welfare and low stress livestock handling techniques.  The principals we follow in respect of animal welfare include:

  • Livestock are afforded a quality of life and access to healthy diet and conditions so as to produce quality animal products
  • Livestock are grown in a way which conforms with natural processes of growth and development, rather than being force fed or growth induced by unnatural methods
  • Breed types are selected which are appropriate for the region and type of production system so as to achieve and maintain optimal environmental conditions with minimal impact.
  • Breeding systems are based on breeds that can reproduce successfully under natural conditions without human involvement.

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